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San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
Happy New Year! Welcome to the second issue of the Pipeline newsletter, designed to inform residents, businesses and other employers about water-related news and issues. You are receiving this due to your leadership role in your community. Let’s work together in 2009 to keep our water supply safe and plentiful!


Help member cities manage their water supply safely and cost-effectively by:
Improving water quality and quantityy
Investing in water technology and infrastructure
Providing cost savings for homes and businesses
Promoting water conservation efforts

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The California Drought Part 2
– La Niña and El Niño

As January 2009 ended, the California drought is continuing…and worsening. Thus, water conservation and public education remain top priorities for the District and its member cities. While December and January snowstorms increased the snow pack in the Sierra Nevada, and snow totals for the winter exceed last year at this time, snow levels and related snow moisture content, reservoir levels, and rainfall (in Los Angeles) year-to-date are all below normal.

The National Weather service announced in early January that a La Niña pattern has taken hold across the Pacific. Marked by a cooling trend in the waters of the equatorial ocean, La Niña usually diverts the jet stream north into Canada, bringing dry conditions to California. La Niña was also present in 2008, and it brought the second dry year in a row. Rain and snowfall virtually disappeared in Northern California after January last year, as the La Niña condition pushed the heavy precipitation north of California.


New Alhambra
water treatment facility

4000 feet of the main pipeline was relocated in Azusa

2008 Year in Review

The Water District had a busy 2008. Major highlights included:

  • Delivering 7,212 acre feet of water from the State Water Project into the Basin; a portion of that water was used to generate power for the City of Azusa
  • Lowering property tax rates in member cities by 10%
  • Providing $3.9 million in the form of a grant and no-interest loan to help Alhambra fund its new $13.2 million water treatment facility
  • Providing approximately $3 million in the form of a grant and no-interest loan to help Sierra Madre fund its Mira Monte Reservoir project
  • Providing a $2 million no-interest loan to the City of Monterey Park for construction of water treatment facilities
  • Debuting the "H2Owl" mascot program as the cornerstone of our expanded public outreach and education program, with appearances in all four cities, reaching thousands of youth, residents and workers.

Water being delivered to spreading grounds from the State Water Project

A Busy 2009 On Tap

The Water District’s Board of Directors, which meets monthly, has set aggressive goals for 2009. In addition to maintaining our current level of financial reserves, our plans include:

  • Replenishing the San Gabriel Basin’s water supply as much as possible – we expect to deliver 4,320 acre-feet from the State Water Project this year
  • Studying alternate sources of replenishment water including recycled water for groundwater recharge (through partnership with Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District) and recycled water for direct use in Monterey Park and Alhambra (through partnership with Central Basin)
  • Expanding our school/youth outreach and education programs to include both H2Owl mascot appearances and student/parent water conservation home audits

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You Can Conserve Water in the Winter Too!

Many people lose or decrease their water conservation awareness in the winter as water consumption decreases, and rainfall occurs more frequently. In fact, winter is still a good time to conserve water and, importantly, to prepare for the upcoming warmer and dryer spring, summer and fall seasons. One of the most important things you can do is shut off your outdoor sprinkler system and only hand-water as needed.


Schedule a visit by H2Owl to your school or organization. Call 626-969-7911 or email

H2Owl Seeking Partners for Public Education Programs

Our friendly and smart water guru, H2Owl, refused to vacation in warmer habitats this winter due to all the work that needs to be done with youth, residents and employers to conserve water in 2009.

So, if your community organization is having an event and would like H2Owl to deliver water-saving messages or materials to your guests, or if you’d like to participate in our residential or business pilot programs, please give us a call at 626-969-7911 or email us at


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